Welcome to La Maga’s Domain!

Next Voyage: Sea Dog Nights and Gypsy Carnival 2018!

We regularly attend Pirate-themed outings, and we are looking for other ships or houses to fly the demon tail under their own flags during festivals to show admiration to La Maga. We can come together for political support during Sea Dog Nation events and get to know each other better by planning Armada events. At Sea Dog Nights and Tortuga, we’ll organize with Ship leaders/Captains to decide on issues like land grants, and volunteering. Ships that join the Armada retain independence and autonomy; association is voluntary and at-will. To join please submit a form found here

We have around 25 members total, and we’re open to adding more. If you are interested in joining as an already established ship needing an Armada, go to this page. Our group is all-ages, except for at Tortuga, which is an 18 and older event.

Here we will be compiling all info and recording the history of the Armada. Feel free to join in. Find your Captain and let them know you want to get involved with the website and they’ll get you in touch with the right people.